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These 'Halloween Oreo Brownies' Are the Perfect Spooky Treat

You don’t need to ask us twice if we’d like to eat brownies. We are always ready and willing to enjoy those fudgy squares. TikTok content creator @bakedrizzledust shares her Halloween Oreo Brownie recipe with us and it’s looking mighty tasty! This is such a great idea!

We wouldn’t have thought to do this, but we are so happy someone else did!

How great do these work!? We are so excited to make these; we know they are going to be a favorite with everyone who sees them. The easy trick for the sensational brownies is using Halloween Oreos. We love seeing all of that bright orange color blended into those dark brownies. They look absolutely Spooktacular and they will be the hit of any party. Placing those adorable Halloween Oreos on top of the brownies makes them feel so extra-special. We are really excited to give these a taste.

The audience adored the sensational idea and viewer @Montse asked, “Hi, what mix did you use?" And the recipes creator replied, “Hi! This is a from scratch recipe; the link to the recipe and details are on my blog at It’s my favorite brownie recipe ever!” This recipe looks so much better than a boxed mix. Oh my!

With so many amazing Oreo varieties to try, you could make a different version of this awesome recipe for months. If you’re in a time crunch, your favorite boxed recipe could probably work nicely here, too.

We are so happy to have learned about this sensational idea. We can’t wait to make these for Halloween and just like the season, we know they won’t last for long!