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Mom’s ‘Hamburger Pockets’ Hack Is a Burger Night Game-Changer

We all love a good burger now and then. If you look at all the restaurants specializing in burgers, you’d see we’re a culture that values them. But as times change, people have increased cooking at home. Therefore, learning hacks for getting a restaurant-quality burger at home is helpful. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @mommapeaches5, she shares her secret for making petite-sized burgers. But just because they’re small doesn’t mean they aren’t filling. You’ll definitely want to eat a couple because they look divine. These are perfect when you want a burger but don’t feel like grilling.

Mmm, we know those hamburger pockets will satisfy your hunger pains. Plus, the clean-up looks simple. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to these little delights. User @johnpotter138 said, “Awesome! I'm going to try that.” @Malissa Van Scoy wrote, “I am binge-watching all your videos now! I love these recipes! Best find of the year!” @matyktok35 expressed, “Thank you for sharing.” However, some people offered suggestions. @Vivian Gomez said, “Might work with green peppers at the bottom and cooked rice in the hamburger. Super easy stuffed green peppers also. Great idea.” @liz gutierrez768 said, “I would rather combine the salt seasons and smash together so the meat can be more favorable.”

We agree with @liz gutierrez768. Putting the seasoning inside the patties will allow the seasoning flavor to flow. But whichever way you use this recipe, the outcome will be delish. If you enjoyed this video, check out @mommapeaches5’s TikTok channel. There is food content to inspire your inner chef.

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