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Man’s Tasty Salad Recipe Gets Totally Overshadowed by His Humor in Hilarious Video

Humor goes a long way, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Changing eating habits, increasing exercise, and maintaining a positive mindset can be stressful. But that’s why it’s crucial to have funny people in your life. Those jokesters make the grey days feel sunny. If you’re fresh out of personal comedians, might we make a suggestion?

TikTok foodie and funny man @crawking serves us a savory salad recipe in his recent video. It’s already gained over 671.6K views and still going strong. The ingredients are simple, and the love for his meal prep is genuine. Check out this naturally humorous cook’s video. People are cracking up over this guy!

We told you this man was riotous. His comical skills make you want to cook, even if you’re not in the mood. But let’s see what TikTok viewers have to say. User @snowman95575 replied, “That’s a legit Italian tomato salad. The only thing I would do differently is used red onions sliced super thin. But Awesome!!!” @Greeny GS exclaimed, “No Lie! That Salad Looks Fire.” User @Jasmine King asked, “How am I going to use sea salt if I don’t have sea salt?” @crawking replied, “I’m sorry. I meant to say, ‘Use Sea salt.’”

Hahaha, Well, he’s definitely a fan of his sea salt. But can you blame him? If you’re a fan of healthy recipes or cooking videos that have you laughing out loud, please check out his TikTok channel. He’s got a large selection of content, and you won’t be disappointed.