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Great-Grandma's Trick for Freezing Heavy Whipping Cream Is Pure Genius

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When cooking, we don’t realize how much food could go to waste. Sometimes we only use part of a cucumber or tomato. The remainder sits in our refrigerator. We might use it, or it might rot before we get the chance. But this doesn’t happen with cucumbers or tomatoes. There’s the potential to waste practically any food in our home if we don’t need all of it in one cooking session. Thankfully there are ways to preserve items before their expiration date arrives.

In a TikTok video by content creator @allforthemm, she shares her great-grandmother’s trick for preserving heavy whipping cream. We’re very excited to learn about this idea because heavy whipping cream is an item that tends to spoil before the carton is empty. Thank goodness for her great-grandmother. They had the best tricks back in the day!

Wow! That’s a terrific way to preserve your excess heavy whipping cream. If only we could save all our food by freezing it in nifty shapes. But is the TikTok community excited about this trick? User @Jessica said, “Oh my gosh, this is genius! I can never use a whole container in enough time!” @Christina Aguilera replied, “I always buy a thing and won’t use it all, and it gets wasted.” @Alexis Hurst wrote, “We need more tips from grandma.” 

Yes, great-grandmothers have the life experience to share many helpful life tips and tricks. @allforthemm is fortunate to have those lessons to give to other people. We appreciate them. If you liked this video, please check out @allforthemm’s TikTok channel. It’s packed with valuable family-related material.