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'Herby Monkey Bread' Is So Good Even Kids Can't Resist It

Did you grow up eating monkey bread? If it’s been a while since you’ve enjoyed that gooey pull, you’ll love seeing this video. TikTok content creator @whatsgabycookin shares her savory version of monkey bread. And it looks absolutely marvelous!

This beautiful bread is a real show-stopper.

This is such a fabulous idea for the holidays! The mini-bundt pan is the perfect way to make the single servings. In this easy recipe, she uses store-bought pizza dough. That's a real timesaver! She melts butter and adds to it; fresh chopped parsley, green onions, garlic, salt pepper, and Parmesan cheese. She balls up the dough and then rolls each ball into the herby butter mix. OMG, that looks fabulous! She places several balls into each cup of a greased mini bundt pan. 

And she tells us that because they will rise while cooking; we should fill each cup about 3/4 full. If savory monkey bread isn't your thing, this smart idea can be used for single serving sweet style monkey bread as well. Using store-bought pizza dough is so smart and it will save tons of time.

The audience was happy to see this modern recipe for an old favorite. Viewer @FourPawsInn commented, “Omg! I’m doing this!!!! Thanks for sharing.” Viewer @Jessye noted, “These are so pretty. Great idea to use mini bundts!” We sure think so, too!

We're excited to give this sensational recipe a try. There’s just something about monkey bread that everyone loves, and we know they'll love this version, too! She's right, we need to eat more monkey bread.

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