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Woman's 'Hocus Pocus'-Themed Cocktail Is the Boozy Trick We All Need

If pumpkin spice isn’t your favorite thing and you always feel left out of the fall festivities, you’ll love this next recipe! TikTok content creator @thegandmkitchen shows us how to make a maple pecan old-fashioned. We think it might be our new favorite drink of the season!

She deems it another Hocus Pocus-themed cocktail called "I Put A Spell on You." 5 o’clock can’t come fast enough!

This looks so good, we can’t turn our heads away! If this drink doesn’t make you happy, fall is probably just not for you. This sensational concoction starts by by making homemade maple pecan syrup. Wow, that look like it would be delicious on anything! For the rest of this magical potion, she uses a high quality bourbon, orange bitters, and cinnamon. What we really love is the finishing touch of edible glitter and whole pecans. It really makes this drink feel fancy and perfect for any party!

The audience was also smitten with this sensational creation, and @coloradomegs said, “Oh, I need to make this one!” Yes, us too! Commenter @virginiamatthews78 asked a great question, “Does this cocktail glitter completely dissolve?,” and the creator @thegandmkitchen replied, “Nope! If it sits for a while, it will gather at the bottom and will need a little stir to keep the magic flowing.” That’s good to know! 

Another great question came from @Kaitlyn Woodward, “How long is the homemade syrup good for?@thegandmkitchen tells us, “About two weeks!” Yay! We have two weeks to keep making this cocktail.

This beautiful recipe might just be on our Thanksgiving menus this year, and we know it will be a hit!