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Mom's Incredible 'Hocus Pocus' Snack Board Will Be the Hit of Halloween

We are big fans of charcuterie, and it really takes a lot of creativity to impress us on a cheeseboard. TikTok content creator @rachel_timmerman has our full respect with her super artistic, Hocus Pocus-themed snack board. This adorable idea will make you the hit of the Halloween entertaining season.

Check it out. It's seriously the ultimate Halloween snack board!

Doesn’t this look absolutely spooktacular? We are loving everything about this festive idea! The three brie witches, with the blackberries, chorizo and cubed cheese hair, are beyond adorable! Underneath the witches, she places green grapes, clementines, and strawberry slices, to complete their delicious attire. Yum! The prosciutto fingers topped decorative fingertips will be a hit with the kids. 

A cat-shaped cream cheese block topped with blackberry jam is exactly what we're looking for! Oh boy, we're getting hungry! The broomsticks are super creative, using everyone’s favorite, mini peanut butter cups with pretzel sticks in the middle. We think they make the perfect addition to this cheesy board! Finish filling the spaces with additional cheeses, meats, olives, and a few edible eyeballs, and it’s ready to serve a crowd.  

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Viewers were also inspired by this artistic masterpiece.  @Massachusetts_Mom said, “Such a great idea, everything looks so delicious, I wouldn't even want to eat anything, it looks just too nice.” We agree! Viewer @asmalls218 gave this a try, saying, “I made this exact same board last weekend! It turned out awesome!” We have no doubt. We know whoever you make this board for will think you're a creative genius. We're looking forward to impressing our friends this Halloween and giving this idea a try!

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