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Mom's Recipe for 'Holiday Crack Dip' Is Keeping People Guessing

If you’re in the market for a sensational new holiday dip, we’ve found a great one for you. TikTok content creator @maraenascarbrough shows us how to make a holiday staple in a whole new way. This unique spread has us completely stunned!

This holiday dip will dazzle you!

This is definitely not a way we would’ve thought to use fresh cranberries before. We certainly didn’t see the whipped cream cheese coming at the end! What a clever idea to use whole cranberries to make a savory, sweet, and spicy holiday dip. Even for those who hate cranberry sauce, they might just be huge fans of this winter dip. She starts this easy recipe by putting the whole cranberries through a food processor, then she adds sugar, fresh chopped cilantro, green onion, lemon and diced jalapeños. The cranberry mix then takes a trip to the fridge for 6-8 hours, to blend all the flavors together. Then it’s spread over whipped cream cheese and served with crackers. Woah! That looks amazing!

Some in the audience had actually tried this before, and viewer @McKenna commented, “Try orange instead of lemon and add orange zest! Sooooo bomb.” And the recipe's creator @maraenascarbrough replied, “OMG, that’s genius! I’m definitely gonna give that a try next time!” We could ’t agree with her more! Viewer @JWlockhart added, “This was added to our holiday menu last year. Strange combo, but it’s so darn good.” That’s great to hear!

This recipe is too unique to pass up and we have to see what this dip tastes like. We're looking forward to serving this to our holiday guests this year and seeing their reactions, too!