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Holiday-Themed 'Sweet and Salty Dipped Clusters' From 'Lays' Look Beyond Incredible

The holidays are already looking mighty tasty this year! We adore foods with the salty-sweet contrast, and Lay’s has us very excited about their holiday chips. TikTok content creator @snackolator tells us all about this new arrival, and we can’t wait until we see them in the grocery store.

We might just leave these out for Santa this year!

We are so excited! These look absolutely delicious. We love that they’re little clusters of potato and that they also contain little red and green sprinkles. So festive for the holidays! They also have little pieces of almond and then a nice dip in creamy milk chocolate. When we buy our first bag, we'll be trying them alone because we aren't going to share. We’ve only had chocolate-covered potato chips a few times, and they were magically delicious. We're hoping these are just as good or better.

Most of the audience was ready to give these a taste, and viewer @DeniseJ commented, “Omg!!!!!!! Yes!!! Definitely trying.” The biggest complaint for these salty-sweet chips was the inclusion of almonds, and viewer @Mary commented, "Unfortunately, something I want to try, I can’t, why must everything have to have almonds in it?!” It's really unfortunate if you have a nut allergy and can’t try this flavor. Although we don’t have a nut allergy, we’d actually prefer them without the almonds too.

We usually aren’t thrilled about seeing Christmas items before Halloween, but these chocolate-covered potato chips are an exception to our rule. Christmas cannot come fast enough to the potato chip aisle!