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Woman's Easy Recipe for 'Homemade Butter' Has Us Ready to Skip Store-Bought

Life in the states looks considerably different than it did one hundred years ago. Back in the 1920s, people worked on farms and made more of the items they used. Women sewed their clothing. They also made their food from scratch. But as time passed, modern conveniences like electricity and refrigeration replaced the need to do everything at home. However, some people enjoy making items themselves. You'll like today's recipe if you’re one of those people.

In a TikTok video by content creator @emilymantraxoxo, she shares her recipe for Homemade Butter. She makes her own butter instead of grabbing it at the grocery store. It's so much better for you to just make it at home.

Wow! Her homemade butter turned out amazing. We’d love to slather some of it on some warm homemade bread. Let’s see if the TikTok community is a fan of her recipe. User @Aims said, “I don’t understand why some people are hating on this? Obviously, they can’t appreciate how awesome this is. You GO, GIRL! Keep it up.” @user9550812789409 exclaimed, “It tastes better than store-bought! And you control all ingredients. I love this. Thank you!” @KDemp remarked, “Tastes so much better than store-bought.” @PatTry adding strawberry puree. It's absolutely amazing.” @Ternstyl revealed, “This tip came in clutch when I was out of butter and couldn’t run to the store. Thanks!”

We focused on the positive comments for this one because the negative ones didn’t offer any value. You can argue about money all you want, but some people prefer to know what is in their food. By making items at home, you control what goes into your body. If you enjoyed the video, please visit @emilymantraxoxo’s TikTok channel. You’ll find all kinds of entertaining and helpful content.

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