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Woman’s 2-Ingredient Recipe for Homemade Cheez-Its Is As Good As It Gets

Is it snack time yet? Who are we kidding? It’s always snack time! But what type of snack do you want? Hmm. Decisions can be tough. Perhaps you want something sweet. Or maybe you’re in the mood for something spicy. How about you eat something salty? Well, whatever snack you choose, just be sure it tastes great. One snack option that never disappoints is crackers. Crackers satisfy hunger because they can accompany cheese, deli meats, or peanut butter.

In a TikTok video by content creator @ainttooproudtomeg, she shares her two-ingredient secret for making homemade Cheez-It crackers. Cheez-Its are addictive, so we’re excited to see how she made hers. These are so easy and look so good!

Wow! Our minds are blown! We never thought to make Cheez-Its from pieces of cheese and salt. We were expecting another ingredient besides salt. Let’s see if the TikTok community wants to make these at home. User @ItsJulez13said, “This is one of the only ACTUAL 2 ingredient recipes I’ve ever seen.” @AviationJosue replied, “What I like is that you did not lie about the two ingredients, and it’s a logical idea.” @Jtwohawks commented, “They taste better too.” @Cubieange disclosed, “Wait. I’m never buying Cheez-Its again.” @Elon Bortz joked, “I’ve always wanted an excuse to eat a whole bag of cheese.” 

We’re cheese lovers, too, @Elon Bortz. These homemade Cheez-Its are a great guilty pleasure minus the carbs. If you enjoyed @ainttooproudtomeg’s recipe, check out her TikTok channel. Her videos contain salty, sweet, and savory goodies to satisfy your snack attack.

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