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Simple Recipe for 'Homemade Clotted Cream' Has People Talking

We aren’t going to lie; the name of this buttery spread, turns us off every single time. However, after seeing how it was made, we are feeling very differently now. TikTok content creator @shaylanicole_ shows us how to make this dreamy cream at home and it looks so unbelievably delicious. 

This homemade spread can't compare to anything you'd buy at the market.

This silky cream looks so darn yummy! It must blend so perfectly with the sweet jam. The best part is being able to use that separated buttermilk for the biscuits, too! This must be a sensational way to eat your freshly made cream spread. We must apologize to our British friends; we are also doing everything we possibly can, not to call it by its given name.

This easy cream is made by pouring two cups of heavy cream into a baking dish and bake at 175 degrees for 12 hours. Nothing hard about that, and the result looks outstanding! 

The audience had some mixed emotions. Viewer @NotoriousB.I.G.I commented, "I’m sure it’s amazing, but the word “clotted” just is immediately a turn off lol.” The video creator joked. “You mean you don’t want to think of blood clots while eating?” Nope, we don’t either. Viewer @Susan F noted, “I love clotted cream. I fell in love with it in Windsor. I have to make this.” We just have to move past the name to enjoy this treat too!

We're looking forward to trying this creamy spread. And we aren’t going to share the real name of this silky cream until after our family tastes it!