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6-Minute Homemade 'Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese' Recipe Is as Good as It Gets

When you want to indulge in some comfort food, you just can't beat a piping hot bowl of macaroni and cheese. Of course, if you're only serving yourself, there's no need to make a full box of it. That's where Kraft Easy Mac comes in handy. The single-bowls are perfect for lunch or dinner for one! However, as we all know, the boxed stuff isn't the freshest or the healthiest. That's why we love this TikTok version of homemade easy mac, which you can make right in your microwave.

The video of the homemade mac and cheese was shared by @stephgigliotti28. With over 1.4 million views, people obviously can't get enough of this easy mac and cheese hack. Did we mention it only takes a few ingredients and 6 minutes to make? Yep. Couldn't be simpler.

After watching this video, why on earth would anyone go for the processed stuff again? This version looks so much tastier, plus, we're guessing it's a lot easier on the wallet, too. People are loving the recipe (and her cool Pittsburgh mug), and some are even offering their own mac and cheese tips. @Wendy Shopbell said, "To prevent a mess in the microwave, just set the mug on a microwave safe plate. When you’re done, just empty into the sink and give it a quick rinse." What a great tip! Another commenter, @Noel Young added, "Add olive oil and it won’t boil over." And @Loreli noted, "My son eats mac n cheese all the time. I have the ingredients on hand all the time. It’s cheaper than buying cups every week." For sure, it is!

This is one recipe you might want to keep on repeat, especially if you happen to have a house full of hungry kids. Or better yet, it's perfect when you want to indulge in a little cup of comfort food all for yourself. 

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