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TikTok Creator Shares Easy Trick for Making 'Snickers' at Home

If you love a good Snickers bars, you’re going to be very interested in this next recipe. TikTok content creator @katielarimore shares her sensational recipe for a healthier version of this chewy classic candy. These bite sized drops of heaven look even tastier than the original!

You’ll be adding this candy to your holiday cookie trays this year!

We're so excited about these sensational candies! This simple recipe is grain-free, and it’s also free from added refined sugar. These treats will be a very welcome treat for our gluten-free friends, too. These tasty bites use almond flour, maple syrup, cashew butter, crushed peanuts, sea salt, and semi-sweet morsels. Roll the mixture into balls and freeze to set. Once they are solid, dip them into chocolate that’s been melted with coconut oil. Sprinkle a few nuts or sprinkles on top and let the chocolate set. You can also use almond or peanut butter in place of the cashew butter.  We think a few rice crisps thrown into the mix would give them a crunch too, similar to our favorite holiday Buckeyes candies! Yummy!

The audience also loved this fabulous idea, and viewer @Staymad commented, “Omg yes! I gotta make these.” Yes, we do, too! Viewer @Chrissy is going to stick with the original and said, “And prepare to be broke after buying all the ingredients... I'll just buy Snickers.” She does have a point.. Viewer @Sonal asked, “Is there something I can use instead of coconut oil?” And the recipe's creator replied, “Any neutral oil should work - like sunflower.” Great to hear!

We're looking forward to giving these treats a try! We think the'll look great with Halloween sprinkles on top now and later with red and green for the holidays, too. We can't wait to taste them!