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Woman’s Recipe for Homemade ‘Twix’ Bars Is As Good As It Gets

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode at the car dealership? If you’ve seen it, you understand George Castanza’s obsession with Twix candy. It’s the chocolate treat that mixes caramel and shortbread cookies. Who wouldn’t love to eat about a million of those? Unfortunately, candy prices have increased over the years. So, stocking up on your Twix supply might cost you more.

In a TikTok content creator @fitwaffle, she shares a delightfully easy recipe for homemade Twix bars. Yes, you heard us correctly. You can make Twix candy at home. Take it from us. You won’t be disappointed. They look exactly like real Twix bars!

See what we mean? Those homemade Twix candy bars are calling our names! Plus, when you run out, just make some more. Let’s see if the TikTok community wants to try this recipe. User @TravelwithMaylis exclaimed, “I love you!” @Wildcat disclosed, “IT’S OFFICIAL! I will never be skinny.” @lilylykkes wrote, “This is so good.” @duckie revealed, “I started drooling, bro.” @Heyyyy!

That’s okay @Paul Phoenix; this recipe may not be for everyone. If you cannot use it, you could always buy Twix candy. But for those of us who want to try something new, this recipe is for you. For more decadent recipes, check out @fitwaffle’s TikTok channel. It’ll keep you hypnotized.