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Slow Cooker 'Honey Garlic Chicken Noodles' Recipe Is So Good It's Going Viral

Are you looking for a comfort food recipe that’s a little more exciting than the usual chicken and noodles? You're not alone in your quest ,and once you see this recipe, you’ll know why it has over 3 million views. 

TikTok content creator @boredoflunch gives us his slow cooker, honey-garlic, chicken noodles recipe and it’s so easy, you could even make it for dinner tonight. You'll be so happy you saw this recipe!

Doesn’t that look amazing? Pull out your Crockpot and let's go! Drop in your chicken thighs, soy sauce, hoisin, sriracha, honey, ginger paste, lots of minced garlic, cornflower/water, and chicken stock. Stir this all together and cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 7. Easy!

We can only imagine how amazing this must smell while it's cooking. Add in cooked noodles before serving and get them coated in that honey-garlic goodness. Serve the dish with a sprinkle of green onions on top. This is making us hungry! This recipe looks so much better than takeout noodles and it costs less than $2 per serving. Wow!

The audience was ready to give this a try. Viewer @Mattsaysthings said, “Just tried this tonight! Watched the video, went to the store, made it for myself, and the wife. Highly recommend!” And viewer @xokimberlina89ox, confirms how easy this is to prepare, saying, “Had this for dinner tonight! Can officially say it was the easiest, tastiest, home-cooked meal I've had in ages! My 2-year-old even helped make it.” That's very good to know.

We sure understand why this recipe went viral, and we're looking forward to tasting it for ourselves!