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Video Showing the Reality of Being Hungover at 'Olive Garden' Is Priceless

If you like to cure a hangover with food, you’ll want to check out this meal and keep it in mind next time you need it. TikTok content creator @sashiesashh shares her hangover meal at the Olive Garden. We were very impressed by this substantial feast. 

Olive Garden’s soup and breadsticks can cure more than a hangover. 

Too funny! That’s a lot of food! We would be happy to eat with her anytime! Everything she requested sounds amazing. A boat of Alfredo for the breadsticks? Yep, we are ordering that next time we are at the OG! Lasagna fritta, stuffed ziti fritta and calamari are next, and we are loving the idea of those too. Don’t forget those gooey mozzarella sticks! Yummy! And of course the Italian margarita to wash it all down. Perfecto! On to the main course, she orders up an unlimited pasta bowl with Alfredo and crispy chicken. This is our dream lunch right here. 

The audience was in awe of this lavish meal. Viewer @Grace commented, “As a Brit who craves olive garden every day, I am hurting.” This has to be hard to watch from across the pond. Viewer @AmandaLeigh commented, “*orders the whole menu*… “that’s it, thank you!” Ha! Too funny and pretty accurate. Viewer @HayleyPhillips inquired, “What on earth is an Italian margarita?? And @sashiesashh replied, “I think just a margarita with a shot of amaretto on the side.” Sounds good to us! Viewer @breona_witmyer2018 commented, “I used to work at Olive Garden, and I’d have to say you picked the best things on the menu.” Good to know!

Next time you order, and you're afraid it's too much food, remember you're not alone. Healthy appetites are always welcome at the Olive Garden!