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Husband Cooks Hibachi for His Pregnant Wife and We Can’t Stop Staring

When it comes to being pregnant, women endure so many changes. These changes can impact their emotions, hormones, appetite, sleep patterns, and body size. Pregnancy isn’t easy for many women. Therefore, it’s essential to have support. The help pregnant women receive allows them to focus on themselves and the baby inside of them. If you’re in the mood to see a pregnant woman receiving the love and support, she deserves, continue reading.

In a TikTok video by content creators @cooking4wifey, a husband films himself cooking for his pregnant wife. He asks her what she wants and fulfills her request for hibachi. This man can cook. We've never wanted hibachi so badly.

Wow, that meal was impressive. Everything on the plate looks so yummy. We’d love to have someone cook us hibachi like that. Let’s see if the TikTok community was wowed by his chef skills. User @Tik Toker said, “The happiness in her eyes when you bring the food. Love it.” @ I m wrote, “I wish you both were verified. Wholesome content.” @gracynn replied, “My favorite meal ever. I love cooking this on our black stone.” @JR.KingMe13 remarked, “He’s a legend. I would of just Door Dashed it. LOL.” @Hermosa R. said, “When people ask why I want to be rich, that grill outside is why. LOL,” @Daddy joked, “Respectfully, your wife is a 10. But with all due respect, I’m trying to land the husband. My man can COOK!”

Yes, @Daddy, he really is a great cook. His wife is a fortunate woman. We enjoy this channel and look forward to watching more of their content. If you enjoy it too, please visit @cooking4wifey’s TikTok channel. Your eyes will thank you.