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Husband's Reaction to Trying Wife's Pregnancy Food Craving Is Not What We Expected

Pregnancy brings a certain glow to women. Their hair gets thicker and sometimes shinier. But it can also cause weight gain, back and hip pain, and a lack of comfortable sleep. So, when a pregnant woman finds something to distract her discomfort of carrying another human being, you give her what she wants! That’s where cravings come into play. Hormonal changes and the need for certain nutrients can make a pregnant woman crave some pretty interesting food combinations.

A recent video by TikTok couple @cooking4wifey shows the husband, Addison, indulging in a craving-induced snack his wife, Chloe, enjoys. But we’re giving you a heads up. The snack doesn't exactly sound appetizing to us. And the way he reacts to trying it is not what we expected!

Yikes! Frog eyes might not be for everyone! Surprisingly, the response from TikTok users is relatively positive. User @Maggie Mills said, “Pickle rolls are definitely the best.” @Quinc replied, “OMG. I’ve been craving, but I am not eating deli meat either during my pregnancy. So, I’m thrilled to try.” @Samantha Lynn Shupert exclaimed, “My family grew up on this! So good!!”

There were a few negative nellies in the bunch. User @Dom DeLuca remarked, “I’m from the Midwest and have never heard of this.” @martinezeli733 asked, “Is this a joke?” We assure you it’s not a joke but might be your new favorite treat. Be open-minded and give it a chance. You just might end up craving them like Chloe!

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