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Grandma’s Ultimate Birthday Party Dessert Hack Is Blowing People’s Minds

Birthday parties used to be so simple. People would gather at someone’s home. There would be streamers, balloons, games, music, home-cooked food, snacks, and a cake. But times have changed. Nowadays, many parents spend a lot of money each year trying to create a showstopper for a party. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give your kids a fantastic birthday. However, sometimes, less is more.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @brunchwithbabs, she’s preparing for a grandchild’s birthday party. Her dessert hack is pretty impressive! Plus, it looks yummy. This trick is so genius that we don’t even know where to start.

Now, that’s a hack we can all use! Scooping ice cream is time-consuming, so anything that cuts down the time is ideal. People can’t get enough of Babs’ trick. The ice cream sundae cone company @Drumstick said, “Drumstick Sundae Cone ready to go, way less hassle!” We appreciate Drumstick’s comment, but Babs’ hack is the way to go if you want variety. User @Julia Volonakis replied, “The ones who appreciate this are parents and understand the struggle of a kid’s party.” @SummerSalchow revealed, “No parties planned, but I’ll still do this for myself. #MealPrep. LOL.” Travel blogger @Megan | San Diego Travel Blog exclaimed, “Whaaatttt! This is amazing!! I knew none of these hacks.”

Yes, Babs’ ice cream hack is brilliant. It’ll save you time on an already busy day. If you enjoyed this video, please check out her TikTok channel. Her content is valuable and pleasant to watch. You’ll leave feeling like you spent time with your Nana.

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