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Woman’s 1940s Ice Cream Recipe Turns Back the Hands of Time

We love ice cream. It’s cold, creamy, and sweet. When the heat index makes you want to walk around in a swimsuit, it’s ice cream time. Many of us live close to ice cream shops. Those places are packed when the weather’s warm. You can also buy some ice cream at the grocery store. But we can’t be the only ones who have noticed carton sizes shrinking and prices increasing. So, the best alternative is to make homemade ice cream. 

In a recent video by content creator @pasttimecook, she shares another of her inherited recipes. She’s making up some New York-Style ice cream. The title alone captures our attention. This recipe sounds so wholesome and delicious.

We want a big bowl of that New York-Style ice cream right now! Oh my goodness, it looks so scrumptious. We’re unsure how long it would last in our freezers, but we could double the recipe and make more. Let’s see if TikTok viewers want some ice cream. User @Catherine replied, “I’m really enjoying all of your posts!” @Amy Lou said, “That looks amazing. No ice cream freezer necessary? Was it icy?” @pasttimecook responded with, “You put it in the house freezer. No ice cream freezer at all. It was amazing. It takes a while to freeze.” @Brian revealed, “Yep. Definitely gonna try this. It’s in the ’90s this week, so that it will be perfect. Thanks for posting.”

We also appreciate @pasttimecook sharing this tasty recipe. Perhaps we’ll make some of the ice cream this weekend. To stay updated with the latest recipe videos, check out @pasttimecook’s TikTok channel. It’ll make you long for the days of ice boxes and five-story walk-ups.

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