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Woman Shares 6 Creative Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray and People Can't Get Enough

Ice cube trays are the best thing ever. They’re perfect for freezing water, so your drink isn’t blazing hot in the summer heat. But did you know people use ice trays for other things? Oh yeah. The ice tray craze is in full effect, and we love every minute of it. TikTok user @kalejunkie gives us all the deets for turning your ice tray into a one-stop-shop of useful hacks.

She provides six unique ways to use an ice cube tray in a recent video. The first hack is particularly beneficial, and we never thought to try it! Check out the video to see what she did.

Yup, we’re speechless, too! Those hacks are so hot even celebrities are amazed. TikTok supermom and hack queen @Shannon Doherty replied, “Love this! 🥰” But she’s not the only one ready to run and grab her ice tray. @ Hydro Tilling wrote, “Thank you for teaching me things that I need to know that will benefit me so I could be stronger for the hive 🍯🐝” Wow, this video is valuable and inspiring.

You're in luck if you’re ready to start making nifty ice cubes. @kalejunkie revealed in the comments that these ice trays are made by Glacio and are available on Amazon. Perfect! Now, we all have an excuse to visit Amazon today. But did we need a reason to add something to our shopping carts? Not really.

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