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Ina Garten's Secret to 'Make-Ahead' Turkey Is a Huge Game-Changer

Thanksgiving is only days away, so it’s time to prepare your baking pans. But did you know there is a secret to making turkey? Yes, there is, and we’re sharing it with you today.

TikTok content creator @williamssonoma shared a clip of Ina Garten preparing a turkey. Her secret for making a turkey is handy, and you’ll want to listen up. We can't wait to try this.

Ina Garten has been a staple on our television screens for many years. She’s a wealth of culinary information. Plus, her food always looks amazing. In today’s clip, she shared her secret for making turkey ahead of time. While this might seem like common knowledge, not everyone does it. However, preparing your turkey before the big day is a blessing. It frees up your time on Thanksgiving. It allows you to tend to other things like side dishes and desserts. We think this tip will help a lot of people manage their time.

But did the TikTok community appreciate this turkey secret? Let’s find out now. User @Jennifer Reichenbach said, “A few years ago, we started roasting our turkey the night before, carving it, and then warm it with gravy the next day. It’s so much easier and so good.” @marylees wrote, “I love that it seems to be her time right now. She is everywhere. Queen.” @Roslynn Cardwell exclaimed, “Such a good tip! Love the puddle of gravy!”

Well, the word is out, and it’s a hit. We’re all making our turkeys ahead of time this Thanksgiving. Tell all your friends! If you enjoyed the video and want more content, visit @williamssonoma’s TikTok channel. 

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