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Video Showing How Croissants Are Served in Italy Looks Too Good to Be True

Waking up in another country invokes feelings of excitement. You don’t know where the day will lead you. Perhaps you’ll lounge on a chair, and people watch. Maybe you’ll take in a dinner and a show. Or you could check out the museums and architecture of the buildings. Honestly, the skies are the limits when traveling abroad. But one of the best things to do is sample the local cuisine. Eating the food makes us so happy, but why shouldn’t it? 

In a TikTok video by content creator @rominachiodi1, she shares her trip to the breakfast table in her Italian hotel. We don’t have to tell you that her croissant looks fabulous. If only we had this setup in our home. OMG, we'd have a field day with this.

Now we know croissants are already divine. But when they’re filled with chocolate, it takes them to another level. Chocolate makes everything better. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to seeing her put chocolate inside her croissants. User @Lénaïg🌻 wrote, Ain't no way you are putting something inside the croissant.” @cheesefriesanddietcoke joked, “I now identify as an Italian croissant.” @hannah Sheehy disclosed, “@Christine, I will never have that breakfast again. It makes me so sad.” @Dani😕 replied, “That looks good, though.” @may may revealed, “That’s the one thing I miss about France (besides the beauty) was how good everything was. Even in the hotels.”

If this video is an indication of the foods provided in other European countries, we’re ready to go. If you liked the video, and we’re positive you did, visit @rominachiodi1’s TikTok channel. You might see something you have never seen before.

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