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Italian Dad's Reaction To Getting Mozzarella For His Birthday Is Priceless

Selecting the right birthday present isn’t always simple. Yet, we all know the best gifts are given with love. It doesn’t matter if they are handmade or bought from an online store. If you know a person’s tastes, narrowing the search shouldn’t take long. However, sometimes people are vocal about what they want even if they don’t tell you directly.

In TikTok user @diamondpretzel2.0’s video, she shares her stepdad’s 50th birthday. We get to see his reaction to opening one of his presents. The anticipation builds as he peels off the layers of items covering his present. This beats a pack of tube socks any day! Click the video to see his unique reaction.

§Needless to say, we didn’t expect the F-Bomb to get dropped. But we can tell his appreciation was authentic. 

TikTok user @jinnytlov3 remarked, “I love this! He’s genuinely so happy.” @hoopla said, 

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“This made me smile. Thank you for sharing such a cute memory.” Phebe McLeod201 shared, “I love people who give thoughtful gifts. It shows how much you pay attention to that person. Nice.”

Yes, her mozzarella surprise was thoughtful. Suppose you’re wondering where to buy the mozzarella no worries. In the comments, @diamondpretzel2.0 and other users stated the mozzarella came from a deli called Casa Della Mozzarella in the Bronx, NY. 

Users supplied positive remarks about this place. @B.E.Z. replied, “I love Casa. It’s the absolute best. Thanks for supporting a local business!” 

While @user456094 stated, “Casa Della’s is my favorite, lucky to live right near it. Their sandwiches slap.”

 It sounds like it’s time to visit the Bronx.

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