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Video of Woman’s Italian Husband Ordering at an American Drive-Thru Is Internet Gold

Have you ever pulled up to a fast food drive-thru, and the line is longer than at the DMV? You inch forward at a glacial pace. By the time you’re at the order box, no one has responded. So, the waiting continues. Then a worker asks to take your order. But they can’t understand you. Maybe it’s the microphone in the order box. Perhaps their earpiece is malfunctioning. Whatever is causing this miscommunication can make a five-minute task take forever.

In a TikTok video by content creator @carloandsarah, Carlo attempts to place his order. However, things don’t go as planned. The worker at Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t know what to make of the encounter!

We’re happy to see that Carlo got his tomato pesto sandwich. Hopefully, next time it’ll go a bit smoother. TikTok users are loving this Dunkin Donuts visit. User @Lindsay wrote, ‘“How are you, Dunkin? LOL’” @Flat Stanley asked, “Why did she yell at him like that? “TOMATO GRILLED CHEESE.” @Elmer asked, “Why doesn’t their tone sit well with me?” @Kiernan Kaine replied, “LMAO! His face after “the Italian one.” 

Yes, the viewers’ opinions were a bit scrambled. We agree that patience is essential when taking someone’s order. But at least Carlo enjoyed his sandwich even if it wasn’t “the Italian one.” We like watching Carlo and Sarah together. As user @Michael Madsen806 remarked, “I love you guys so much.” We do, too. If you want to see more Carlo hijinks, check out their TikTok channel @carloandsarah. 

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