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Video of Italian Exchange Student Trying 'Olive Garden' Is Surprising

Have you ever visited another country? If you have traveled abroad, you know tasting the food is at the top of everyone tourist’s list. However, the quality of your meals might be a hit or a miss.

TikTok content creator @ashlynkeate shared footage of an Italian Exchange Student’s visit to the Olive Garden. Her reaction to the food is comically accurate. We didn't even think she'd rate it this high.

The Italian Exchange Student was taken to the Olive Garden by her host family to celebrate her birthday. She seemed to go along with the dining experience even though we knew the food wouldn’t compare to her home. She rated the breadsticks a 5/10. The salad was a 6/10. The cheese ravioli received a surprising 8/10. But the overall score for the entire meal was a 5/10. We’re surprised she was this generous. However, the cheese ravioli was probably better than anticipated.

Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded to it. User @shaybronson said, “Olive Garden is my absolute favorite restaurant.” @hannah childs wrote, “THIS IS TOO GOOD.” @Wanda exclaimed, “Don’t ever, EVER slander the Olive Garden breadsticks again!” @madeline replied, “As a former Olive Garden waitress. We appreciate her honesty. We need more of it.” @fancynancy262 disclosed, “I went there today for lunch for leftovers for dinner and lunch tomorrow.” @Brooke Shidaker said, “People need to try the Zuppa soup! It’s so good!” @KayteeAnn330 said, “Too garlicky? WTF! LOL, that's impossible.”

We understand some people don’t agree with her review of the Olive Garden. But we need to remember that she’s Italian, so her standards will be high. If you enjoyed the video and want to stay up-to-date on new videos, visit @ashlynkeate.” For more Delishably updates, be sure to follow us on Google News!