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Jack Harlow Tries 'KFC' Meal Named After Him and People Have Opinions

If you aren’t familiar with KFC, then you’ve probably been living away from society or in an area that doesn’t have many fast food restaurants. Kentucky Fried Chicken has become a staple in U.S. households for many decades. It was the creation of Colonel Sanders, who sadly passed away on December 16, 1980. But his legacy lives on through his fantastic food.

In a TikTok video by content creators @yungfoodbeast, they meet with Hip Hop artist Jack Harlow. KFC recently introduced the Jack Harlow Meal. @yungfoodbeast couldn’t wait to test it out with the man whose name is on the meal. It must be cool to have your own personal value meal.

That sandwich looked good to us. We might need to swing past KFC later today and pick up a Jack Harlow meal. Let’s see how the TikTok community feels about it. User @T D21780 wrote, “Making me hungry, gonna have to try tomorrow.” @✨Karina✨ said, “Literally my KFC order.” @Reid Nicholls replied, “KFC yummy.” @Beatriz Aguirre wrote, “It’s bussin 💯.” But for all the people ready to run out to KFC, there are a few negative nelly. User @gerardosalas877 asked, “How is that new? I always get that.” @Drew DeGrado admitted, “Not interested.” @Fidel Vazquez jeered, “It's literally nothing new. Just a slap of his name on it.”

We understand not everyone is pleased with the new Jack Harlow meal. But no one is forcing your to buy it and eat it. We think it looks yummy, and we look forward to tasting it. If you enjoyed this video, please check out yungfoodbeast’s TikTok channel. It’s full of over-the-top food content to make your eyes open.