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Creative Salad Dressing Hack Is an Easy Way to Level Up Lunch

Do you ever get to the bottom of your jam jar and want to toss it out? Well, you could still do that. Or you could recycle the remaining jam into something new and tasty.

In a TikTok video content, creator @eclecticyess shared her recipe for a creative salad dressing. We never knew you could use jam to make a salad dressing. What a fantastic idea!

We can’t believe that jam turns into salad dressing very quickly. The ingredients she used are probably in our kitchen right now. We really love this idea because salad dressing is one of the best things about eating salads. They give salads an extra oomph. So you're all set if you have some oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt, and pepper. Just remember to check the taste and shake it up. Make sure the result suits your personal preference.

We’re fans of this genius salad dressing idea. But did the TikTok community like it too? Let’s find out now. User @user1736 said, “This is so smart. I do this with mustard bottles too.” @Deez admitted, “I didn’t see the “dressing” part and was like, wtf are you making for the first two seconds? LOL.” @nicholejolley455 wrote, “OMG, I found an old recipe from my grandpa that specifically called for using an old jelly jar.” @ren, the house hen, exclaimed, “OMG! Love this!” @Katherine Gojira said, “This is such a good idea!”

We all agree this is a fantastic salad dressing idea. We can’t wait to see more of her content. To stay updated on the current content, visit @eclecticyess’ TikTok channel. It’s full of fun and entertaining videos you’ll want to watch.