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Woman Shows Off Her 'Costco' Lunch in Japan and Now We're Starving

Going to Costco is a fantastic experience. The buildings are so big, and there aren’t many windows, so you have no concept of time. You can buy practically anything in Costco. From socks to salt Costco’s got you covered. But after all that walking, you know a snack could really hit the spot. In the states, Costco is known for its pizza and hot dogs. However, Costco’s abroad get menu items not available here. Let’s look and see what we might miss out on.

In a TikTok video by content creator @jellllyd0nut visits her local Costco in Japan. It looks similar to the stores in the U.S. But there are food items they have that are unavailable here in the states. Those items look delish. Their menu is better than the one in the U.S.

Mmm, her snacks made us hungry. Did you see the chili cheese fries, the bulgogi bake, or the strawberry ice cream? It’s time for a Costco run. But did the TikTok community enjoy seeing the Japanese Costco menu? User @Ashley said, “I would give my left arm to try a bulgogi bake.” @Jessica disclosed, “@brumawintersolstice Costco food is so good.” @Devin Morgan887 exclaimed, “Bulgogi bake?!?! Bring that to the states now!” @ⒻⒺⓡⓝⓐⓝⒹⓐ replied, “Japan does everything right.” 

Yes, we don’t have any issues with Japan’s food options. We’re always amazed at the variety of menu items. If you enjoyed this video, check out @jellllyd0nut’s TikTok channel. There’s plenty of coverage of her time in Japan. You won’t want to miss it.