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Jennifer Garner's Lunch Box Packing Game Makes Us Feel Like Amateurs

Everybody knows that figuring out what to pack for lunch can be a challenge. Add a child's lunch to the mix, and things can get out of hand pretty quick. One person who has this lunch game down pat is Jennifer Garner, and she's showing us how we can too.

In the video posted on TikTok to her account, @jennifergarner, Jen is showing us some of her tips and tricks to packing a killer lunch for her kid. She shows us how she prepares her kid's delicious snacks and sandwich with a fun and goofy demeanor. Check out her video to see how she accomplishes great these lunches every day.

Wow! Can Jen pack lunch for us too? All of this looks delicious, and the loving note she left for her kid is so sweet!

Many people in the comments are praising Jen for being such a wonderful mom. @tiktokwitch1 said, "You are the best mum!" and @ford_ranger007 commented, "Your Mom talent is out of this world!" Moms like Jen really do it all for their kids, and they always have a smile on their face!

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Others are impressed with Jen for having a humble media presence while being such a famous actress. @307wyogrammy commented, "She is so sweet, smart, down to earth, and beautiful." Another user, @strawberryhoneykisses, said, "It's so funny seeing other celebrities trying so hard at TikTok, but you are just so effortlessly you, and I love it." It's so refreshing seeing a famous mom making such a great lunch for her kid all on her own.

Jen's lunch packing skills are a ten out of ten, and we are definitely taking notes!

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