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Video of Jennifer Hudson Singing Her Drive-Thru Order Is Simply the Best

Remember when you got your driver’s license? If you were in high school at the time, it was probably your year's highlight. Having the freedom to drive to school, the store, the movies, or your friend’s house was fantastic. But one of the things drivers do is pick up some take-out. So, you’d pack up your bestie and head to the closest fast-food place. Talk about some heart-warming memories.

In a recent TikTok video of a 2015 carpool karaoke skit with Jennifer Hudson and James Corden (@latelateshow), they stop by a fast-food drive-thru. What happened next was pure comical and musical gold. We can’t help but wonder what the drive-thru worker was thinking.

They both sounded terrific! We didn’t know James could sing. Of course, Jennifer’s voice is beautiful. It’s so rich and powerful. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about this blast from the past. User @keeran said, “Yes 🎶CHEEEESSEBURGA🎶.” @jaronmichaelcarls replied, “Say what you want about Corden, but he can sing.” @dialextic revealed, “I remember when this video came out a few years ago. I must’ve watched it a hundred times.” @Travii Trippi disclosed, “I wish I sounded like an angel.” @Jeralyn Walzel wrote, “This is hilarious!”

Yes, we rarely get to enjoy fantastic singing while laughing. We hope that one day James Corden will film more carpool karaokes. We’ll be waiting. If you want to laugh some more, head to @latelateshow for more hysterical content.

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