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Mom’s Simple Juice Box Trick Is a Must-See for Every Parent

If you have kids, then you’ve probably bought countless packs of juice boxes. Juice boxes are easy to carry. They’re also great for road trips, field trips, and packed lunches. Yes, juice boxes are a kid’s best friend. But handing over the juice box is always a gamble. If your kid is eager to get their hands on it, they might have an accident. They may struggle to put the straw inside. Or they may squeeze the juice onto their clothes. They could also drink it too fast. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @thebastfamily, she shares the trick her kids use while handling a juice box. Our minds were blown because we never knew this was possible. It might have saved us when we were kids. This is life-changing for parents of small children.

Seriously how did we not know about this trick? It’s a game-changer for sure. Kids can use those wings to prevent spills. Let’s see if the TikTok community is surprised or if they already knew about it. User @Wimberley exclaimed, “I never knew this!” @Sarah-Mom Comedy & Skits said, “I love this one.” @Sania & Family asked, “Omg. LOL. Is that what the wings are for!” @Kat13495 disclosed, “When I was student teaching, we had the children do this when they had juice boxes. (of course, we helped if they needed it).”

Yes, this is a fantastic idea, and we’re glad @thebastfamily posted her video. We think it’ll be a hit for those learning about it. If you liked this post, please visit @thebastfamily’s TikTok channel. It’s full of more helpful hacks to teach you something new.