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'Secret Ingredient' in the 'Juiciest Burgers Ever' Has the Internet Divided

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Some meals scream all-American. One of those long-treasured favorites is a hamburger with fries and a milkshake. This tasty trio makes you think of a retro diner and jukeboxes. Okay, so we’re being a bit sentimental. Yet hamburgers are still one of the most popular foods, especially when you’re on the go.

TikTok user @allrecipes shares our love for burgers. But they're shaking things up with their secret to the juiciest burger ever. Watch the clip to learn their secret. Not everyone is sold on adding this to their burgers.

Okay, we know pouring evaporated milk into a burger patty isn’t the most popular choice for making a juicy burger. But judging by the delicious look of the burger, it could be a fantastic idea. However, people are divided on how they feel about it. User @Karie with a K said, “Never have I ever. But I’m bout to give it a try!!!!” Another commenter exclaimed, “I can't wait to try it!” @mike riley said, “This is cool.”

Now, not all the comments were positive. People have very strong opinions about adding the evaporated milk. User @D105-LIHTS replied, “That’s meatloaf on a bun. No, thank you. But hey, cool if you like it.” One user asked, “Does it taste like meatloaf? Not that meatloaf isn’t my favorite thing next to a meatball sandwich on a garlic toasted roll with melted provolone.” While we’re all allowed to have our opinions, user @Kat sums it up the best and says, “Can’t judge till you try it.” Isn't that the truth?