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Katie Couric's Easy Jalapeño Hack Is a Major Game-Changer

Jalapeños are a great addition to any dish that needs a bit more spice in it. However, these fruits can be tricky, as their seeds are the spiciest part and can be difficult to remove. Lucky for us, Katie Couric came to the rescue.

In a video recently posted to her TikTok account, @katiecouric, Katie shared a genius hack for easily removing all the seeds from a jalapeño. In her video, Katie says this makes the jalapeño "spicy enough, but not killer." Check out her video below to see what the genius hack is!

Wow, this hack is a game-changer! Rolling the jalapeño on the counter with light pressure loosens the seeds and allows them to fall out easily when the top is cut off. We can't wait to try this ourselves!

People in the comments are loving this hack. @user2972118299281 said, "Very simple and useful hack! Thank you Ms. Couric!" and @stephjoyner5 commented, "Oh my gosh, this is brilliant! I’m going to try this next time! Thank you, Katie!" It looks like Katie knows her audience!

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Others are just happy to continue seeing Katie in the media after her long career of impressive journalism. One user, @user17233746, commented, "Katie, I’m so happy to see you in a relaxed setting! Keep sharing!" Another user, @gkbunruffled, said, "Omg, how I’ve missed you in my life!" Having Katie Couric on TikTok has truly been a blessing for those of us who used to watch her on the news every day!

We need to try this jalapeño hack ASAP! Seems like it's time to whip up some guacamole or make some spicy cocktails as a way to test this out!

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