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Woman's Kid-Friendly 'Pizza Bagels' Are Too Tasty To Pass Up

Do you remember racing home after school? All you wanted was a snack and your favorite cartoon. Snacks were easy to find because parents are good at keeping them in stock. But sometimes you wanted more than a bag of chips or sliced fruit. You wanted a snack to hold you over until dinnertime. Some of the best snacks the mini egg rolls or pizza bites. It was easy to pop them in the microwave or toaster oven. You'll love today's kid-friendly recipe if you still enjoy snacks like those.

In a TikTok video, content creator @cuttinupwithbae shared her quick recipe for Pizza Bagels. We remember buying frozen pizza bagels, but these look even better. We want some of those after work!

After watching her make those, it’s clear we were wrong to buy the frozen pizza bagels. The homemade pizza bagels look better because the ingredients are fresher. Plus, you can add whatever toppings you want. That’s the best perk of making these pizza bagels. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to her recipe. User @Marv Tay exclaimed, “I was just thinking about something like this yesterday!” @Niya B. said, “I love this!” @kiaranichelle__ wrote, “Making tomorrow.” @Swiftttiee replied, “Gotta try this! Maybe with some bacon bites.” @queenblac8 wrote, “My kids gonna love this. Thank you.” @LusciousCakesbyMai remarked, “We used to eat these in school, but yours look better with the garlic butter addition!”

All hail the pizza bagels! This recipe is a keeper, and we’re certain it’ll make the household happy. If you enjoyed this recipe and want to see more content, visit @cuttinupwithbae’s TikTok channel. You’ll be glad you did.