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Woman's Reaction to Random Child Stealing Her Queso Dip Is Going Viral

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Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. You never know what could happen walking out the door these days. It often feels as though we’re living in a movie. We’ll encounter peculiar characters and partake in odd-ball events. When they’re over, we’ll step back and think, “what the heck just happened?” If you’ve experienced this phenomenon, you’ll enjoy today’s TikTok video. It’s one of those things you need to see to believe.

TikTok content creator @kennedyjardine captures an interesting encounter at her local Chipotle. While eating her meal, a kid came over and took her queso. Thankfully she caught it on tape because we needed to see it. I think we can all relate to @kennedyjardine’s reaction. The nerve of this kid!

Boy, that kid had no remorse for what he did. Ha! He just walked over and took the queso. Her reaction of not knowing how to react was genuine. You aren’t sure how to handle a situation like that because it doesn’t happen often. But we think she tackled the issue well. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt. User @Lexi😎 wrote, “LMAOOO, I would’ve wanted my queso back.” @megan. replied, “His face was priceless when he swiped the queso.” @Lily wrote, “THERES NO WAY HAHA.” @Melenin_Niya joked, “Nah, me and sis woulda had to square up after that one.”

We’re glad to see people had a sense of humor regarding this kid’s actions. However, @kennedyjardine commented that the little boy’s grandmother had him apologize. If you enjoyed this hilarious clip, visit @kennedyjardine’s TikTok channel. Who knows what else she’ll catch on film?