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Mom's Revelation About Her Kids Snacking Habits in the U.S. Is a Huge Wake-Up Call

It's fairly well known among the foodie community that processed foods in the United States have more preservatives and additives than the food in European countries where the legal standards for what can be added to food are more rigid. During a family trip to Italy, one mom noticed a huge difference in her kids' snacking habits and the theory why is shocking.

TikTok mom @mondaycharm recently recorded a video explaining how her kids snacking habits differed in Italy from the U.S. and gave several examples of what they would eat in each country. She and her family try to eat organic produce and ethically raised protein, and their snacks are often pre-packed, organic foods, but she still felt like the foods they were eating were negatively impacting her family. Check out the video to see this mom's theory about the effect of additives in food on our hunger levels.

Wow, this is an important message for everyone to hear. While it's not surprising that the preservatives and additives are bad for us, it is shocking that these unnatural things added to our food might be making us more hungry. This, of course, leads us to buy more snacks in a never-ending cycle of buying processed foods.

People in the comments were agreeing with this mom's theory and sharing their own experiences as well. @ohitstmf said, "Yes, we lost so much weight in Europe and all we had was bread and pasta," and @juliacapatina commented, "YES! I’m in Europe right now and I’m eating about the same type foods (fruit, yogurt, salads, bread) as I would in the U.S. but I feel fuller for so much longer, it’s insane. The quality tastes so much more authentic too." This is worrisome, we hate to think about what all the additives and preservatives are doing to our bodies.

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Others pointed out that the U.S. has much more added sugar in their food than European countries too, which could be a reason we need to snack more to prevent sugar crashes. @djshkg commented, "Forget organic. Start scrutinizing labels for sugar versus protein. Unfortunately, American processed foods have more added sugars than the E.U. allows." These days, it seems that food companies are putting a huge variety of things that are bad for us in our food.

This is definitely a cause for concern. There's no reason for these huge food companies to be feeding us foods that are secretly bad for us when European companies have no issue cutting out the preservatives, additives, and sugars.

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