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Woman's 'Killer Crack Chicken Marinade' Is a Total Dinner Game-Changer

Chicken is one of those meats that taste yummy cooked in various ways. Yes, people love fried chicken. We get it. It’s crunchy and juicy all in one. But there are other ways to cook your chicken. Barbeque chicken is always a crowd pleaser, especially when the sauce is spectacular. Rotisserie chicken is another favorite type of chicken. Chicken also goes well in a garden salad or chicken salad. You can make it into sandwiches or kabobs. How you cook your chicken depends on your mood. We’re creatures of change, so make it the way you want.

In a TikTok video by content creator @hungryhappens’ she shares her Killer Crack Chicken Marinade. Marinades are an excellent way to add more flavor to your chicken and ensure it remains tender. We’d love to test out the recipe. This looks absolutely incredible.

Well, that’s some deliciously tender-looking chicken, and we’re ready for our piece. That marinade knew the assignment and accomplished it beautifully. Of course, people can add or substitute any of the ingredients. But we love that she said, “season it with your soul.” We wonder if the TikTok viewers enjoyed this as much as we did. User @Trudi Johnson wrote, “I’m going to try this over the weekend.” @user3648975184998 replied, “Just finished the marinade, having it for dinner tonight.” @bpalmatier remarked, “Yum, can’t wait to try this! Thank you for sharing.” @Leanne Michelle Laud revealed, “I marinate my steaks like this. It’s amazing.”

We think using this marinade for fish or steak is a great idea. If you enjoyed this video, visit the @hungryhappens’ TikTok channel. You’ll probably find your next favorite dish. When you do, please send us some.

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