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Recipe for ‘Kim Kardashian’s Chia Pudding’ Has People All Fired Up

The Kardashian family is one of the most-watched families on the planet. They can’t go grocery shopping or dine in restaurants without someone recording it. This type of Kardashian coverage also covers their eating habits. Whenever they are seen eating a certain kind of food or meal, it’ll become trendy. So, if you’re ready for another Kardashian-approved snack, keep reading.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @healthfood, we’re shown the recipe for a Kim Kardashian’s chia pudding. Honestly, it looks appetizing. We would try it. However, this recipe is also causing a bit of controversy. (Shocker.) Check it out to see why people are so fired up!

Yep. Some viewers don’t think Kim invented this dish. But regardless of who created this chia pudding, it looks delightful. It would make an excellent breakfast or afternoon snack! User @Amy Jade Majiet said, “I just want to know if it’s any good.” TikTok superfoods enthusiasts @TinySproutsFoods replied, “Chia pudding is the best! Our milled chia seeds are great for kids. Chia pudding is the best and healthiest snack for little ones!” We’re happy that some people enjoyed the chia recipe.

But others are focusing on the fact that Kim probably didn’t create this dish. User @chantru1209 remarked, “Kim didn’t come up with this. LMAO. I have been eating chia pudding in my house since we were kids!” @Mrs. Maple Leaf disclosed, “I don’t think Kim Kardashian came up with this recipe.” Hey, she might not have come up with the chia pudding idea, but it’s getting more recognition because she ate it. That’s not a bad thing in our book.

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