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Video Showing Kim Kardashian's Favorite Cheesecake in Paris Has Us Salivating

Have you ever tried a dessert when you were out of town that was so good that you've considered traveling back to that spot just to have the dessert again? We have, and apparently, so has Kim Kardashian.

According to TikTok user @333somona, Kim flies to Paris specifically for the cheesecake that's served at Hotel Costes, a luxury 5-star hotel near the Place Vendôme. In the video, the creator orders the cheesecake for herself and after trying it, she says she understands why Kim travels to Paris just for the cheesecake. The creator shows several clips of the untouched cheesecake when it is brought out by the waiter as well as a few clips while she is eating it to show her viewers the inside of the dessert. Watch the video so see how delicious it looks and try not to drool!

Umm, we're pretty sure they could hear our stomachs growl all the way in Paris. This looks SO GOOD! When the video creator starts to eat the cheesecake, you can see how creamy and rich this treat is.

People in the comments of the video couldn't believe how scrumptious this cheesecake looked. @adrinaaslin said, "Bro I don’t even like cheesecake and it’s amaaaaazingggg," and @corriefjones commented, "Ahhhh now I’m hungry!" Completely understandable!

Others in the comments knew of other locations that served the same cheesecake, and TikTok user @laviedezee did all of us a favor by letting us know that this same cheesecake is served at L’Avenue in Saks 5th Avenue in New York City. We will definitely be checking this out for ourselves soon!

This is a little bit different than us driving an hour to go to our favorite ice cream shop, but we can totally understand why Kim Kardashian travels to Paris for this amazing cheesecake.