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Kim Kardashian's Massive Kitchen Pantry Has People Freaking Out

People’s wants evolve over time. As kids, we usually want toys, candy, and fun, not necessarily in that order. As adolescents, we want clothes, cars, and crushes to like us. But by adulthood, our priorities shift. Having a big closet and kitchen pantry usually makes it onto our list. It’s not so we can brag about our storage space. Large closets and pantries reduce our stress of wondering where to put our stuff.

If you’re fortunate to be wealthy, your dreams of huge closets or pantries can come true. In a recent video by TikTok user @poosh, we see a side of Kim Kardashian rarely shown. Get ready to see her pantry. People think it looks more like a grocery store.

Just... WOW. We’re still staring in disbelief, too. Yes, the pantry is gigantic. But it’s also cleaner than an operating room! We aren’t the only ones shocked by the space. TikTok user @LUKE announced, “That’s not a pantry. That’s a supermarket.” @Kessmate revealed, “Kim, your pantry is bigger than my house.” @Hiraeth🌻💛 joked, “It’s like the IKEA food court.” @ ACM said, “Gives me Hotel Continental breakfast vibes.”

However, it wouldn’t be TikTok without a few salty comments to spice up the post. User @Sailor Red said, “No one believes they lift a finger.” @ Stellason3 asked, “Every time on their show, they’re eating takeout in plastic containers w plastic forks. What’s the point of this?”

User @Mogamad Jacobs suggested, “Organize your life also like this.” Hey, these might be valid points, but that pantry is fire. That’s a fact. So, let’s be happy Kim is blessed because we shouldn’t hate but instead congratulate.

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