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Woman’s ‘King’s Hawaiian Bread’ Discovery Just Changed Lunch Forever

When your tummy’s empty after working a few hours, only eating lunch will help. But deciding on what to eat can be a challenge. If you’re unable to go out for lunch, then packing it works. With the invention of microwaves, we’re not stuck bringing the same ole sandwich every day. Yet sandwiches are still an acceptable option. It’s all about the ingredients, though. Once you’ve got the right cheese, spread, and protein, it’s time to assemble it.

However, one essential item that sets the tone for the sandwich is the bread. Lousy bread will turn a potential smacktacular sandwich into a meh meal. That’s why we’re thankful for TikTok creator @babytamago's video on King’s Hawaiian Bread. She shows us what a sandwich made with this bread could look like. How did we not know about this sooner?

As you can see in the video, those King’s Hawaiian sandwiches look different than those made with other bread brands. Perhaps it’s because of the healthy slices of ham, cheese, and tomato. But if this bread has the same sweet taste as the King’s Hawaiian rolls? Yeah. We totally understand why people are flipping out over it. 

Whatever it is about that sandwich, we want one now. Commenters on TikTok want one too. User @bri🫶🏻 disclosed, “I got it as a substitute from Walmart, and my life CHANGED!” @alaska said, “Dude, that looks bussin.” @Ashton Wihlidal revealed, “When I tell you, I audibly gasped. This is life-changing.” @Wrath07 exclaimed, “Wait, WHAT! Thank you for sharing this information.”

Yes, we’re happy @babytamago shared this news with us, too. We can’t wait to buy a loaf. However, some viewers felt differently about this bread. @molly:) admitted, “Awe, I like the little rolls. They make me feel like I’m a kid again.” There’s nothing wrong with feeling nostalgic @molly. Do what makes you happy.