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Under $5 Korean 'Gas Station' Breakfast Has Us in Awe

Whenever we come across food from foreign countries, we get excited. Foreign foods always look and often taste better than food from the states. If you enjoy watching food content from abroad, you’ll love today’s post.

TikTok content creator @gleetzbapsang shared her visit to a Korean gas station. She was able to buy her breakfast for under $5.00. Now that's what we call a bargain!

The Korean gas station looked like it was stocked with a large variety of food options. We’re surprised she was able to narrow down her search. But we think hunger had a big hand in her decision. The items she selected for breakfast included an ice cup, a black coffee pouch, kimchee, Lactaid milk, and a Korean sweet potato. The iced coffee she made looked tasty. However, the highlight of her breakfast purchase was the kimchee and Korean sweet potato. Combining the two together really made her breakfast look terrific.

While her breakfast items differed from what we’d eat in the states, they still looked delicious. But how did the TikTok viewers react to her choices? Let’s find out now. User @чак replied, “Sweet potatoes fresh off the coals? Man, I know I would love that!” @Hayley Phillips revealed, “At this point, I would go to Korea JUST for the convenience store food. LOL.” @Fujikos wife wrote, “KIMCHI WITH SWEET POTATOES R SO GOOD YALL GOTTA TRY THEM OUT.”

It's clear that we want to fly to Korea and experience their yummy convenience store food. But in the meantime, we’ll drool over this video a few more times. If you enjoyed the video and want more content, visit @gleetzbapsang’s TikTok channel. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

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