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Easy Syrup Hack Is the Best Way to Level Up Your Pancake Game

Kids love to use syrup. But can you blame them? Syrup is smooth and sweet. It adds a rush of sugar to each food it drizzles down. It also helps provide moisture to some of those dry pancakes or waffles. However, the excessive use of syrup is not good. Parents are aware of how much sugar is included in syrup. Therefore, limiting your kids' syrup intake is smart. Kids may not like having their syrup distribution restricted. Yet there is a way to do it without them knowing it.

In a TikTok video by content creator @kroger, the supermarket chain shares their syrup hack. We were pleasantly surprised by this idea. We can't believe we never thought of this.

Wow! Isn’t that a terrific way to ensure the pancakes have syrup without going overboard? We think so too. Let’s find out if any TikTok viewers are excited to try this syrup hack. User @Canessa Hicks said, “I have started doing this.” @Hope Frady asked, “Who wants to eat a dry pancake? LOL.” @Jordyn Woods replied, “I’ve done this for a long time for my kids. Makes the kids less sticky.” @Kevin Shirey wrote, “I like that idea.” @Lettie DeJesus revealed, “Guess what I'm making for breakfast?” @me wrote, “Too much syrup? There is no such thing as too much syrup!”

Actually, there is such a thing as too much syrup. Americans consume way too much sugar every day. But people are starting to change their eating habits. This syrup hack is a fantastic way to cut down on sweets. If you enjoyed this hack and want to learn more, please visit @kroger’s TikTok channel. You won’t be disappointed. 

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