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Woman’s Video of ‘Largest Brownies Ever’ Is Making People’s Mouths Water

Certain desserts are staples in our homes. Cookies, cakes, and pies are readily available in most bakeries. But they’re not the only gooey treat we crave. Many of us also adore brownies. Yes, those fudge-filled minibars are a delightful indulgence. Plus, you can get creative with the ingredients. Some people prefer strictly chocolate. In comparison, others mix it up by adding walnuts or caramel. Then some bakers think outside the batter box.

TikTok content creator @carrieberkk shows us her favorite brownies. We can’t believe the size of these treats. We’re not sure of the calorie count, but it’s got to be through the roof! You’re going to want to eat the brownies on a cheat day. These look almost too good to be true. Check out the video to learn more.

Your eyes weren’t deceiving you. The brownies really are that big! So big they don’t appear to be real. The TikTok community is going wild for these Buckeye Brownies. User @Lily Enk Student 202 admitted, “Looks delicious! I would try Heavenly Heath.” @Fabiola said, “The last one, of course. That one looks so, so, good. I am jealous.” @— ems 💙 joked, “MY TEETH WOULD HURT AFTER THAT. BUT IT LOOKS AMAZING.”

Yes, the sugar in those might call for extra brushing and flossing. But it would be worth it. If you’re longing for the brownies, please check out the Buckeye Brownies website. They offer product shipping. But make sure you check out @carrieberkk’s TikTok profile because her content is fire.

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