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Man's Incredible 'Lasagna Towers' Hack Is a Serious Dinner Game-Changer

If you're looking for a fun new way to prepare your pasta, you’ve got to see this hack for individual serving lasagna towers. TikTok content creator @danosseasoning shows us the way to creating this super cool pasta meal that everyone is sure to love!

These look as cute as they do delicious! 

Those cheesy towers are just so much fun! We aren’t sure this hack is easier than making a tray of traditional lasagna, but we're sure that it’s way more exciting! We know that butter makes everything better, and we love the idea of dropping in Dan O’s seasoned butter on the bottom of these rolls. This is a step we haven't thought to do before when making regular lasagna.

If you have a hard time getting the kids to try new foods, this might be a perfect way to introduce them to these flavors. We think they would make a lovely presentation at a dinner party and they'll surely impress your guests, too. 

The audience loved this idea, but many felt strongly about the use of one ingredient. Viewer @Anthony Luongo commented, “lost me at cottage cheese.. .gotta use ricotta." The recipe creator replied with, “You can substitute the cottage cheese for anything you’d like.” Viewer @celenamroe had another great tip to try, saying, “You could use manicotti and save yourself the step of rolling them.” Fabulous! We love when great ideas get even easier!

We'll be giving this innovative concept a try this weekend! We think these little towers are about to be a big hit in our house!