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Wife's Recipe for 'Lazy Man's Turkey Dinner' Is a Stroke of Pure Genius

This might be one of the best ideas we’ve seen in a long time! Once you feast your eyes upon this easy turkey dinner, you'll be running to the store! TikTok content creator @thetoodiesguy shows us how to make a comfort food casserole at its finest, and you won’t need a holiday to prepare it!

You’ll be making turkey dinner for more than just Thanksgiving after seeing how simple this is!

This idea is brilliant. We must admit, we only ever make turkey for Thanksgiving, but after seeing this hack, that's about to change. For the turkey, he tells us his wife went to the deli and requested a thick-sliced turkey breast. We can handle that! Then, in a sheet pan, she layered homemade mashed potatoes. Then, she wrapped those thick slices of turkey around homemade stuffing and placed the rolls over the potatoes. Top that off with gravy and pop it in the oven. Now, you have an easy, comforting dinner, without cooking a whole turkey! This is one fantastic idea, and it sure looks like it tastes sensational to us!

The audience was feeling inspired after watching this, and viewer @MariaD commented, “I’m making that this week because my husband always wants to know why we only have turkey dinner once a year. Great idea looks good... thx!” The video's creator @TheToodiesGuy, gives all the credit to the chef. “It was all my wife; she’s an incredible cook.” We really think she must be!

We'll totallybe visiting the deli counter on our next shopping trip. The only thing to add to this nearly perfect meal is the cranberry sauce!