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Budget-Friendly 'Lazy Nachos' Hack Is a Serious Game-Changer

Are you a game day snack lover on a budget? And are you always looking for an easier way to do something? Then it’s your lucky day because TikTok content creator @mac.larena shared her brilliant hack for making even easier and less expensive nachos. We'll be trying this immediately! 

You’ll be excited when you see this hack! (And hungry for nachos.)

We didn’t believe making nachos could be any easier than it already is. But we stand corrected. We think this fabulous hack is going to be our new go-to for chopping just about anything. Adding the onion to the small food processor was smart, and way faster than cutting with a knife, and if you’re not great with a knife, it’s all so much safer. 

We were stunned to see a block of cheese go into the blender next. She’s so smart, and she’s so right. The cheese crumbles melt just like shredded cheese would, and no one will know the difference. This is the perfect idea for making macaroni and cheese or anything like queso, too, where you may have used pre-made shredded cheese in the past. The blocks of cheese are always so much cheaper, and it’s a smart idea that we're going to keep using.

The audience was happy to learn about this hack, and viewer @JennJean commented, “I’ve never thought to use my food chopper to grate cheese!! It would be perfect for lasagna.” That’s a smart idea, too. Viewer @lweisshaar added, “Blew my mind about the cheese! I have been grating for years. Thx.” Us, too!

We're happy to know another way to shred our cheese. No more bloody knuckles from here on out!