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'Leftover Turkey Cranberry Sliders' Are Giving Us All the Feels

Do you enjoy leftover turkey sandwiches, even more than you do the Thanksgiving meal? We hear you and we’ve found a recipe that you’re going to love. TikTok content creator @healthylittlepeach shares her recipe for Thanksgiving sliders. And we can’t wait for the leftovers.

These sliders look so sensational! We are going to be making these all year.

These look so darn delicious! We think eating those leftover sandwiches is the best part of turkey day. And we love the idea of turning our turkey into sliders. These warm sandwiches look absolutely dreamy and we can’t wait to taste them. For this easy recipe, she slices a package of rolls horizontally. On the bottom she layers leftover turkey, spoonfuls of cranberry sauce and places a layer of Swiss cheese over the cranberry. She places the top half of the rolls over the cheese and spreads a buttery poppy seed mixture all over. Then she covers them with foil to bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Uncover and cook for another 10. Holy cow, these look so amazing!! For ours, we might skip the cheese but add stuffing instead. Yum!

The audience was excited to give this recipe a try! Viewer @VPFinest commented, “This looks so wickedly delish! My hubby loves cranberry sauce and this will work! Thanks.” Viewer @SherryCroox asked, “What is your cranberry sauce recipe?” And @healthylittlepeach replied, “Hi. I have a Paleo version on my blog. But for the reg one, I do 4 cups cranberries with 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water with 2 tablespoons orange juice. So good.” It sounds marvelous! 

We're just as excited about leftovers as we are for the main course. We will definitely give these sliders a taste this week!

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